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We caught the first train to Lagos so we had all that day there and could leave for Lisbon the next morning, but it ended up that Lagos was so nice and we were too tired that afternoon to appreciate it so we caught the last train out on the Tuesday to spend as much time as possible there.  

Hilarious thing happened on the train. As it was April Fools day I told my parents that we were stuck on a train in Portugal due to a blizzard (note that the weather was very sunny and at least 15 degrees). Later on the train I get a call from my parents asking how it was going. They totally believed it! And not only that, my Aunty and Uncle were there and totally believed it too! Brilliant! Laughed about that all day.  

When we got to Lagos the plan was to wait for the bus but Carmen was like oh no, there's a bridge over there we should walk, the bus is like another 15 minutes. So I was like whatever, and so 45 painful minutes of struggling up hills with all cobblestone pavement, which of course is so easy to roll a bag along, finally made it. Of course we had to pick the hostel at the top of the hill. And to make it worse, two minutes away from our hostel we saw where the bus stopped. I must admit, Carmen is lucky to be alive right now, I was so close to killing her, the only thing that stopped me was that even if she was dead, I would still need to find the hostel.  

When we got to the hostel we had the room to ourselves which was great, and a proper shower that got hot! The lady who owned it lived down satirs and was always asking if we needed anything, even the day we left. They were so informal, we didn't need to checkout until we left at like 4pm and I am pretty sure that we could easily have left without paying as the lady's son who did what seemed like very little work at the hostel (a lot more surfing) was like to Carmen 'no pay later if thats easier, seriously I don't need it yet' and we didn't even see them later. So chilled, it was great.  

So we spend that afternoon going around the town trying to find a laudromat. We found one which was not self service and expensive so I wasn't particularly keen. I had seen one down the esplanade so we headed down there, and that was closed. At this point I am pretty sure Carmen was ready to kill me, we had been lugging our shopping around for a fair half hour. At this point I decided I was hungry and tired and so we headed back to a café where I had seen someone eating a ham and cheese toastie, which had made me massively crave one. After this and a cup of tea life seemed a lot better. It then improved when we went to the supermarket across from the café and found that it had a self serve Laundromat which was quite cheap! Success! I think the lady at the supermarket was really bored as she kept on coming over to try and help us. Carmen practised her English reading with the book ‘A Brave New World' which was sitting there, not the best book to practise on, rather obscure words… Mainly pertaining to fertility and science. We also ate a lot of chocolate, including kinder surprises for the win!  

After our washing was back in the hostel and hanging up all over our room, at this point it was extremely lucky no one else was in there, we headed off to the beach. Unfortunately, as I had washed all my jeans, I only had a skirt and stockings which aren't exactly beach appropriate, I ended up taking off the stockings when we sat there. But Lagos has some of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. It is basically a merging of perfect white sand, blue water beaches and the great ocean road cliffs. Absolutely stunning. Even though it was not exactly warm there were still a few people on there, I can't even imagine how crazy it would get over summer. Not so great when we left though as we found ourselves in some kind of labyrinth of a resort or development area. It took us about 15 minutes to find which road led out and we were totally followed by the security guy, we look so suss and all.  

We made an eggplant, mushroom, and pesto pasta for dinner and managed to smoke out half the kitchen as I wanted to cook it on the grilling pan. But it was definitely worth it as it tasted amazing.  

The next day we went and had a proper, not exhausted, look at the city. It is a definitely a nice city, but I think that Lagos wins on its beaches more than anything. Although in saying that I found an awesome ceramics shop there.  

The city is pretty small so this only took us about an hour and then we headed straight back to the beach, a different one this time, just as stunning. Well, except for the old naked man who apparently decided that when you put clothes on after swimming (I think he was skinny dipping) you need to clean your feet and put your socks and shoes on before any clothing.  We found ourselves a little cove to go on, but the tide seemed to be heading up into it so just in case we went back round to the main area of the beach and stayed there. Carmen really wanted to swim so she went in and I just lay on the sand with my headphones, and sometimes my camera. I would definitely recommend this.  Although be careful if you have skin like me as even though I lay with a scarf on my face and made sure my neck was all covered and it wasn't that hot, of course I got sunburnt! Although Carmen got it worse I think.  

Made ham and cheese, and ham, pesto, mushroom and cheese sandwiches for lunch at the apartments and sat out in the sun eating our sandwiches (may I just say massive sandwiches, I could only eat half of my second one) and drinking our milk. Absolute bliss. Well, they were actually meant to be eggplant sandwiches but it was so tasty we had eaten it all the night before. Then we didn't have a lot of time til our bus (I was NOT walking again), we went for a wander along the cliffs. To be honest, I think this is when I got sunburnt more than on the beach. But that was really nice, we saw the surfers and some bizarre plants. And we saw where all the loaded people obviously stay.

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