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We got to Copenhagen at about midday, it is only an hour and 20 minutes from Bergen by plane! So we spent the afternoon wandering around the city through the main shopping streets. No success in buying anything though, which is probably a good thing as Copenhagen is almost as expensive as Denmark. There was however great success in lunch. We went to a bakery and I discovered that Denmark is brilliant at cakes and pastries, well this place anyway. I got a strawberry tart which had the pastry covered in chocolate and a custard filling. It was amazing, well except for the slight amaretto taste to the glaze, but other than that it was extremely tasty.

We went to a crepe place for dinner which was delicious. I got the four cheeses crepe, surprise, surprise, and it started off great but after a while the gorgonzola kind of killed any other flavour, as it can often do. I went for a caramelised apple and apple liqueur dessert. Again it was nice but even though they set it alight, my god was that liqueur alcoholic! It smelt really good but tasted only of alcohol! But hey, at least it made me feel warm. Copenhagen has quite a wind situation.

The next day mother and I ventured out together. Our first stop was the Round Tower. I decided we should take a different route than down the main shopping streets so we walked around. This took us past a park where there was the cutest little puppy. He was with his owner at the top of the hill, a very wet and slippery hill, and at the bottom was a lake which was frozen over. His owner would throw the stick down the hill, he would race after it, madly scramble to a stop before he hit the lake and race back up to do it again. It was great fun! He didn't quite manage to stop in time once and so slid into the lake. So cute!

So the round tower is, as the name would imply, a big round tower. You can walk to the top and get a great view over the city. What is interesting is that the climb up the tower is one wide slope. This is because they used to take horses up there! I thought that was pretty cool.

After the tower we did a canal tour. Unfortunately the guy didn't take card so I had to run to an ATM to get money and run back before he left. It was freezing cold but mum and I still went outside. It was a great tour, saw the smallest house in Copenhagen which is pretty damn small! Took us through canals which are pretty. Also saw the little mermaid, well from the back anyway, didn't bother to see it again from the shore.

We were starving by this point and luckily found another store of the same bakery we ate at the previous day. This time I got a pastry which was a sticky hazelnut biscuity, cakey thing on the bottom and a berry mousse on top, amazing! Again, for the win Denmark!

Our afternoon was spent at the Statens Museum for Kunst, or National Gallery of Denmark. Walked there through the Rosenburg Castle Gardens which I am sure was lovely in summer but quite dull in winter. Took us ages to go around the gallery but had some interesting pieces there. Not sure I would ever pick Danish art as one of my favourites though. Lots of pictures of farms and cows... I think it was this art gallery, although it could have been one in Norway, but it gave the implication, just through descriptions and info in the rooms, that the Danish struggle, or did struggle, with their national identity, which I thought was quite strange, not something I ever realised.

That night was massive packing night as mum was leaving tomorrow and I was changing bags with her, mine was way too difficult to handle with the trains. Easily managed to get it all in under her 30kg limit!

So the next morning mum and Melanie left and I was back by myself again. I wasn't leaving Copenhagen until that night so I had time to do loads. I firstly went to some castle gardens, I think they were the Frederiksberg Gardens. Turns out the first lot I went into, which were pretty, weren't the castle gardens, no idea what they were. So then I went into the actual castle gardens which were massive! It took me like an hour or so to walk around them! And weirdly enough I could not find the actual castle, I eventually did but it wasn't that exciting looking and so I didn't bother going in.

Walking back towards the main town I passed a cute little cafe on the street which was possible smaller than my room, jut a random cute little shack thing, but I had planned to have lunch somewhere else so didn't go in. Totally wish I had as when I got to where I planned to go, in the NY Carlsberg Glypotek (a gallery), it wasn't as cool as I thought so I didn't bother. But I spent the afternoon wandering around this gallery which had a tropical garden in it. The garden was where the cafe was an I thought it would be really warm but it wasn't. Copenhagen was ridiculously cold, there was a really chilly wind while we were there, like someone had just opened a massive freezer on the city.

So I went to this gallery which was quite good. It had a section on French masterpieces which I loved. It also had all this information about the burial processes of Ancient Egypt. Did you know they did mini models of equipment, such as kitchens and granaries, so the person could have them in the afterlife. They were really quite intricate.

On my way there I had seen a noodle place which is pretty much perfect in the freezing weather and not far from the hotel. So I went and had some noodles, dumplings and green tea for like an hour and a half. It was just what I needed. Then on to the train to Prague!

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